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Offering a wide range of premium quality welding electrodes manufacturing machinery and systems that are durable, efficient and reliable. 

About Us

Eureka Electrodes and Wires Private Limited is one of the fastest growing and ISO 9001 certified organizations engaged in providing a wide range of welding electrodes that provide excellent joining strength. We are a reputed Manufacturer and Exporter of Welding Electrode Plant and Machinery, Welding Electrodes, Welding Fluxes and Welding Raw Materials, which are widely appreciated by our global clients for their great quality factor. We hold profound technical knowledge for constructing a quality range of Welding Electrodes which are preferably used in various welding applications, in addition to possessing the features like reliable & resistant welding joint and less time required for tidying up the joint appearance of workpiece surface while welding operation.

We offer welding electrode plants so as to meet comprehensive needs of our industrial customers. Our business activities are competently assisted by adequate infrastructure facility and guided by the ingenious engineering professionals. Efficiency, performance, reliability and longevity of our products such as welding rod plant have enabled our valued customers to use them for wide applications in different industries.

Electrode, Brief Info

An electrode is a coated metal wire, made of materials with a similar property to the metal being welded. Selection of welding electrodes is critical, and cover aspects like ease of cleanup, bead quality, weld strength, deposition rate and minimized spatter etc. There are several different types of electrodes used in the welding processes. They are commonly used for repair and maintenance welding of mild steel, and other metals types. Keeping various factors and needs in mind, we offer the right electrode for your welding project. Also, we keep up with excellent electrode specifications and diverse applications.

In arc welding, an electrode is in use that conducts current through a work-piece to combine two pieces together. Depending on the process, welding electrode is either consumable or non-consumable. Stick electrodes are consumable, and they become the part of the weld. TIG electrodes are non-consumable, and they do not become part of the weld.  

For a direct current (DC) system, the stick or weld rod may be a cathode, or an anode for other welding operations. For an alternating current (AC) system, the welding electrode would not be considered a cathode or anode.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) is also called stick welding. It is very popular welding procedures used nowadays. This popularity is due to the process versatility, simplicity and low-cost of the operation & equipment. SMAW is commonly used with mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron. 

Traits of Stick Welding 

Other Features of Shielded Metal Arc Welding, are:

  • All position flexibility
  • Not sensitive to drafts and wind
  • Capable of producing butt joint, T-joint, lap joint & fillet weld. 
  • Weld quality and appearance, which vary according to the operator skill 

Note: The electrodes need to be stored in a clean, moisture-free environment, and carefully removed from package to avoid any damage.