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Baking Oven For Welding Electrode

Baking Oven For Welding Electrode
Baking Oven For Welding Electrode
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Product Description

Ideal for curing distinctive classes of flux simultaneously.

  • Pressurized air flow for temperature consistency and speedy drying.
  • Rigid steel fabrication.
  • Regulation on temperature and pliability in storage.
  • For keeping welding electrodes, these come with wiresmesh shelves.

Different kinds of Welding Ovens

Industrial welding ovens:-

These can be utilized for post or pre-heating. Generally. fabricators and welders use these to heat-treat metallic components or welments. Normally heated products comprise cylinder heads, plates, carbon steel joints, ship bearings, castings, aluminium and pumps. Besides, these are widely used in industries, which includes shipbuilding, construction, aerospace and oil.

Holding Vs. Rebake:-

It is essential to comprehend the difference between holding and rebaking in order to impeccable keep stick welding rods. Holding can be for long as well as short term, which maintains the level of dryness. Temperature of it will vary as per the kind of flux and electrode coating and suggestions will be providing regarding the same. Whereas rebaking is a short span in which top temperature heating is required. Rods, which have or may have been harmed by dampness can be reconditioned. Once the moisture is evicted, the rod can be used for various purposes. Many industries are availing the benefits of rebake over. When rods returns from the area, they are rebaked and transferred to holding furnace for storing.

Welding Electrode Rebake Ovens:-

Due to coverings on soldering electrodes, they produce hydrogen carrying dampness from air. These damaged rods can go into the weld and form cracks. To repair these electrodes, rebaking is essential.

Welding Flux Storage and Rebake Oven:-

To load flux, hopper-designed ovens are accessible. A sturdy design and quick warm-up time holds significance. The temperature of these ovens range from 500-1000o F.

Portable Welding Electrode Ovens:

Mobile soldering ovens are small and compact designed, which are rugged, transportable and durable. It dries the electrodes very effectively. These are also utilized for transferring baked items (or products from holding furnace) from one place to another.

Filler Rod Holding Ovens:

Both TIG Filler Rod and MIG wire holding kiln are obtainable in compact and large models for stocking numerous big spools (for large stores, keen kilns have blended use storage ovens alike one conventional style for Boeing). These also provide protection to the expensive consumables.

Bench and Floor welding rod kilns are also accessible. These are suitable for small spaces due to their compact design, which also caters efficient heating.

Custom Preheating Ovens:

Our company fulfill the requirements of the customers regarding preheating ovens by personalizing them. These can be customized in terms of shelves, heating capacities, designs, front or top loading, sit of floor or bench etc.


(H x W x D)
1000 x 650 x 500
CAPACITY (approx) 100 Kgs. (440 lbs.) of Welding Rods.
TEMPERATURE RANGE Ambient – 400oC (752oF)
(Accuracy of ±1% FSD)
INPUT SUPPLY 415 V, Three phase AC, 50 Hz
INPUT CURRENT 25.8 Amps / Phase

Trade Information
  • Main Export Market(s)
  • Asia, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Africa

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